How To Join An Online Server?

Before you can join a server you will need to know the server IP address (You may want to write this down so that you can enter it later)
A list of running servers can be found by clicking HERE as well as on various other forums.

If fishing in an organised match or league then make sure that you have the correct venue installed and correct baits loaded BEFORE attempting to join the server.

The following instructions will be for joining a funfish server.

I'm assuming that you have your bait boxes filled with the correct baits for the type of fishing that you are going to be doing.

Click on Go Fishing as normal, then on the next screen select the venue and peg you wish to fish on.

Adjust the date / time to find weather conditions suitable for that venue (Tips are readily available on various forums and websites on the internet)

When you are ready to go fishing, Click the Online button to go to the next screen.

Click the Server button to bring up another window where you can enter a server IP address

On this screen you will need to type in the servers IP address including the dots and then press the close button.

* Please note that you CANNOT use the numeric keypad to enter the IP address, you must use the number keys on main keyboard.

Pressing the Connect button at this point will attempt to connect you to the Clubhouse

If successful, you will see a screen similar to the following image.

If it fails to connect, check that the IP address was entered exactly including the dots. and if it is correct, then the server may be down, either wait and try again later or find another server to connect to.

Click go Fishing and you will be online with other simmers.

To leave messages and talk press the F7 key and type away , using the enter key to send the message.

What do the other buttons do?

Lounge: lets you see more of the chat than is available at the top of the eindow while fishing.
Match Rules: Which methods of fishing are allowed on the server.
Results: Will show current standings of connected players.(server settings permitting)
Club Records: If available will show the biggest fish of each species caught on the server.
Leave: Depart from the server.
Anglers: Shows who is currently online
Help: Will bring up a list of different commands that can be used while connected to an online server.