Welcome to Fishsim Frenzy

It was fun while it lasted, but due to catastrophic hardware failure of the PC that used to run the server, which resulted in the total loss of all of my copies of files related to Fishsim2 (re-downloading and installing all of the venues again would be too time consuming for me to undertake at this stage.)


I've only just been able to access my website via FTP for the first time since the hardware failure happened to be able to update the website.

It is with regret that I must therefore inform everyone that I will not be able to host the server anymore.


But I will leave the website up as it is for the moment, in case anyone can use the information that is hosted on it, but this too will have to come to an end at some point (At this stage the domain name expires late December 2022, so the site will remain at least till then)


Tight lines everyone